Fan Highlight Interview with Amy @LirbesOlerybes

I fell totally in love and my wedding dress was maybe my first step towards cosplaying, because I wanted a dress that resembled Galadriel’s. From that point I started to buy handcrafted products and clothes.

Star Trek and Autism: Representation on the Spectrum

Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman), Star Trek: Discovery Guest post by Robert Vaux (Twitter: @rvaux16) SPOILER ALERT: This article reveals details about the Season 3 finale of Star Trek: Discovery. “They told me because of my special needs I couldn’t have a roommate…” Sylvia Tilly endeared herself to the ND community quite literally the moment she opened […]

Artist Interview – Damian Synadinos

There’s too little kindness in the world today, and this seemed like an opportunity to spread a bit of joy. And so, I began my little, personal project, “Favorite Drawing Of Me”.

The Joy of Star Trek

As a geeky eight year old, it all felt so aspirational. The technology they had at their fingertips, the fact every crew members wanted to do good in one form or another, the hope and kindness winning over the evil and darkness. The characters were all so smart, strong and empathetic. Of course, through a fully fledged adult’s lens I now see some questionable themes and stereotypes that I may go into further on another blog, but innocent mini-me only saw joy and love.


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